Recent Economic Developments

October 29, 2019 beauty24 0

Commencing 2014, a deteriorating external environment and exchange rate adjustments led to an economic slowdown and higher inflation.Gross domestic product (GDP) growth declined from 5.8 […]

Project Design: GEF Alternative

October 22, 2019 beauty24 0

The incremental approach to this project lays in the strengthening the assessment of proposed development policies, programmes and plans from a global perspective.  That is, […]

Guidance from the Rio Conventions

October 22, 2019 beauty24 0

The economic valuation of natural resources has increasingly gained significant interest and importance, more recently arising from the economic losses attributed to the impacts of […]

Institutional Context

October 22, 2019 beauty24 0

The Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan was the central executive agency in charge of environmental protection and was also responsible for […]

Policy and Legislative Context

October 21, 2019 beauty24 0

During the early years, Kazakhstan relied upon many Soviet practices for its environmental policies and legislation.  These policies and laws failed to assess the full […]

Kazakhstan’s growing economy

October 21, 2019 beauty24 0

Nonetheless, Kazakhstan faces diverse environmental problems affecting the health and livelihoods of its people, and general awareness among the public is quite high (Ospanova, 2014).  Key […]